We are doing our best to shipping out items as fast as we can. Normally it takes 10 to 30 days to arrive depending on countries. Please refer to the following time scales and demonstrations. The demonstrations are just for your reference. They might differ due to the transportation conditions.

* North America: 5 to 15 days;

   - Canada: shipping speed demonstration

   - United States: shipping speed demonstration

* South America: 15 to 30 days;

* Europe: 10 to 15 days;

    - United Kingdom: shipping speed demonstration

    - Italy: shipping speed demonstration

    - France: shipping speed demonstration

    - Spain: shipping speed demonstration

    - Germany: shipping speed demonstration

* Asia: 5 to 15 days;

* Oceania: 10 to 15 days;

    - Australia: shipping speed demonstration

* Africa: 15 to 30 days;

If you don't receive within the time scale, please contact us at cs@wowgooddeals.com. We will be very willing to assist you.